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It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms C17
This story is inspired by the artistic works of Brittin Roberts

It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms
Part 17
This story contains a lot of fantasy, but do keep in mind it's ground in reality. That tough reality when you have to face the loss of loved ones. And also don't forget this story is dedicated to an amazing, wonderful artist who I think is fantastic. The poetry before the story this chapter is instead a shoutout for you 8-Bit-Britt.
That beeping noise, the one which beforehand was annoying Sonic’s amazing dream, finally was given some context as he awoke from his “out of body experience.” I met Rock, again, sort of in my dream. Man, what were we talking about? That question was also accompanied by the inability to really explain what exactly that reverie was moments ago or how "real" it was, and also what actually happen
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 2 0
Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C6
Chapter 6: The Magical Shapeshifter
“What is this? Who are you three creatures?”
Crash, Spyro, and Coco stood at the opposite end of the small clearing in the dense woods of N Sanity Island where Emily had Anvi captured. The dark, purple robe and hood hid most of Emily’s face well. However, the hooded enchantress could clearly see the two orange creatures and purple winged dragon before here.
“We’re here to stop you! And free that girl from your clutches!” Coco exclaimed most likely distraught at the visible pain and misery Anvi was in right now.
Emily hadn't seen anything like the bunch before her in her life she thought. The two orange ones had to be two of those creatures spawned by the mysterious madman: Cortex. It was common knowledge to both the Bahaguins and the Buddakan tribes alike that a strange wizard took hold of the third island in the N Sanity Archipelago and spawned man-animal abominations loyal to his c
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 4 3
Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C5
Chapter 5: The Daughter and the Demon

Understand. Recognize what plagues you. Then choose. It will make you happy, and complete the both of you.

What Alisha said to Spyro last night when he went to comfort her over her daughter missing was bothering Spyro to no end. What did she mean? Alisha apparently can sense the future (or however her analogy of rivers and time went), and as such she must cryptically referring to my future. And as such she is warning me about a decision that will plague me. But what does her foresight have to do with, well, Crash? Is she somehow implying that he’s the one I need to “understand”? Alisha didn’t mention his name when talking to me, maybe she meant Elora? It had to be; but... what if?
For most of the time I’ve known Crash, he and I have gotten along very well. And in the weeks our friendship has developed it’s become different than any I’ve had previously with say the likes of Hunter, B
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 5 16
It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms C16
This story is inspired by the artistic works of Brittin Roberts

It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms
Part 16
But eventually a greater peace will accept me. It’s scary at first, but it instead is a true calm euphoria I don’t think mortal men and women are supposed to feel until their time is truly up. And it’s not lonely. Everyone… everyone… is there. Even if they haven’t died yet or even have been born yet. That’s the secret to what I guess is best described as heaven. It’s omnipresent.
Dizziness. A haze. Blacked out.
They were… his, friends and family. And they were nearby. Yet their voices were distorted and far away, for Sonic couldn’t focus enough to understand them anyway. Those far away screams were all he heard before unconsciousness claimed him. Sonic was a fighter and tri
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 1 13
Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C4
Chapter 4: Past, Present, and Future Deceit
Does knowledge of the future give you the ability to change it? Can knowing that pain, death, and tragedy are on the horizon give you the ability to stop it. If not, then what’s the point of being able to see the future other than to being a willing factor in causing those destined events to unfold? This is what Alisha realized when she found out who kidnaped her daughter today.
Forty-two years ago: What does it mean to take the mantel of a god? It means to bear the burden of your people’s faith, hopes, and prayers. This is what Alisha did in becoming her people’s goddess of life. It was a great honor and a greater responsibility. To live up to gods of past and maintain the standard for gods of future. Her inauguration at the age of eighteen would also be when a new god of time was indoctrinated, Tempus. Together they climbed up to the top of Sunset Vista, a monument built by her
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 3 5
It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms C15
This story is inspired by the artistic works of Brittin Roberts

It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms
Part 15

You question these confusing feelings, feelings that have never felt so intense before in your time alive. Maybe it is not my place to interfere, but as a gesture of good faith I leave you with this advice. Passions of the heart unlike the decisions of the mind cannot be decided by mere rationality. They cannot be deliberated, only acted upon, for these feelings of the self are the impulses of the soul blind to the ambiguities which cloud the mind. Quite simply: Understand. Recognize what plagues you. Then choose. When you do it will make you happy beyond compare and complete the both of you.

Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shape Shifter. Excerpt from chapter 3: Passions of the Heart
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 3 5
1010000110010111000011110010 by 1ByteRak 1010000110010111000011110010 :icon1byterak:1ByteRak 5 8
Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C3
Chapter 3: Passions of the Heart
The vibration of Crash’s phone interrupted what as a happy yet tense moment for Spyro. He for the most part wasn’t particularly sure why it was but Crash was more and more starting to dominate his train of thought. Maybe it was because of what he did for me: saving Elora’s life.
Crash, well, all he could do was spin. It was his trademark versatile move, and yet despite his limited repertoire so to speak he still put others above himself despite any danger and always managed to come out on top. The way he defended Elora from Ripto when he and Cortex were up to no good, even through great pain was one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen. He was hurt badly that day but he didn’t care. He stood his ground against that unholy mage and because of his valor one of my longtime best friends is still alive today. I can never thank him enough for that.
Crash pulled out a white remote shaped rectangular
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 4 8
Crash, Spyro, and The Magical Shapeshifter C2
Chapter 2: A Missing Child
To even the enlightened and the divine there were things not even these pious beings could live without. A red, orange, and green textured fruit rested within the contour of a goddess’ hand; its ripe and fragrant aroma sensible even without the epicuticular wax of the skin broken by the first bite. The taste and the texture of this tasteful treat was matched in flavor only by the beautiful blossoming leaves of the deciduous wumpa tree itself. Native only to the archipelago of N Sanity Islands, this wild ancestor of the apple family was just another remarkable product of the gorgeous world Alisha resided over.
One bite into the savory inner flesh and Alisha inhaled in pure reaction to better savor the flavor. “Devine” she thought quietly to herself with her eyes closed, only a faint pleasant smile to hint as to how much she was enjoying this fruit of Wumpa Island. Several yards to her right, a few native villag
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 5 18
Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter
Written by MarcusRak :iconmarcusrak:, illustrated and coauthored by EmmaSmudge :iconemmasmudge:
Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins...
The weather in the Dragon Realms, when sunny and bright always gave the place a palpable sense of serene tranquility. The grassy plains and the calm breeze along with a calming temperature made the home of the Dragons something special. It was also half the reason Crash enjoyed coming here; his friend just had an awesome home.
Though a pressing concern did have an elder worried. It hadn’t rained in an abnormal amount of time, and as such Ignitus, Guardian of Fire, was beginning to worry the accompanying heat could result in droughts and famine if it didn’t precipitate soon.
Hearing a shuffle of feet approach, Spyro gingerly woke from his slumber, only for his eyes to be ha
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 9 12
Valentines Day Across Dimensions Part 2
To 8-Bit-Britt :icon8-bit-britt:, From 1ByteRak :iconmarcusrak:. 
H (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)         V (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) L Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) T (Alphabets)              <
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 7 7
Valentines Day Across Dimensions
To 8-Bit-Britt :icon8-bit-britt:, From 1ByteRak :iconmarcusrak:. 
H (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)         V (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) L Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) T (Alphabets)              <
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 4 0
Anime Shades by 1ByteRak Anime Shades :icon1byterak:1ByteRak 3 5
Crash and Spyro, A Dragon Out of Time EPL 2
What is a dream? What purpose does it serve, what merit does it have on the real world? Is there a difference between aspiring ambitions and nightmarish premonitions? I often wonder this myself? The purpose these fake memories serve. Well, I actually know, but I was wondering if you knew?

Dr. Cortex was never a man to dwell on the past. Tragedy, failure; what happened before never a reason to quit, give up, be shameful of what he's done. It only served to motivate him forward. He was a man of science. His dreams and ambitions for the world were to make it better! In his own image he'd make things right. For his life was only a microcosm of the larger problem. Jealousy, greed, rage, and pride, the sins of man coalescing into a force dedicated to maintaining society's calcified status quo. That the world simply was full wrong and things just moved on. Disaster, crime, tragedy of any kind was simply the reality of society and despite the lethargic pace of advancement sci
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 6 30
A Love Forged By the Loss of Loved Ones C23
Chapter 23: I See the Light
“I just don’t understand" Coco asked. "I mean like, none of us have any idea who you are yet you show up out of nowhere and stop Cortex and Ripto. Don’t get me wrong, I speak for everyone in saying thank you, but we at least deserve to know how you know us, right?”
Of all the planning I had on how to prevent events from transpiring so wrong, with help from Nina, Coco, and Spyro… ultimately this conversation I was the least prepared for. For honestly I just didn’t know what I would say. The truth was just kind of hard to prepare for a moment like this. There wasn’t any believable fabrication I could come up with that hides my identity. Plus my mother also didn’t know what I should do also. She feared me telling the truth to everyone in the past would cause serious anxiety between herself, Spyro, and Elora to a point where they would never see each other again. I mean, that wasn’t completel
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 4 9
It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms C14
This story is inspired by the artistic works of Brittin Roberts
It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms
Part 14 

Identity is different than the truth. Because it is more complex than the truth. It’s either a beautiful lie or supersedes the truth. The idiosyncrasy of the self is what identity is; an expression of who you are beyond the truth. Nationality, sex, ethnicity, orientation, religion, politics, sports, career, groups, teams, whatever. From the serious to the fun, what you say you’re apart of expands your individuality. So when I say I love you, it means you’re a part of me and I’m a part of you. Even from across the multiverse or beyond the grave. Love transcends all that, and is something everyone identifies with.

“What do you want Sonic?” He had followed me to the rooftop. What? Did he think
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 5 5


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Marcus Rakentine
United States
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Crash Bandicoot OC
Marcusrak (Crash Bandicoot) by EmmaSmudge
by EmmaSmudge
I have a bandicoot-sona, I think? Well anyways it's me. Yo Emma you were too nice at this point.

Sonic OC: Chew
To MarcusRak by EmilyBandicoot1234
by EmilyBandicoot1234
Seriously this was done sarcastically, but you know what I'm game. Everyone should have a Sonic OC.

Fanfiction is something new to me, a hobby of sorts which started last year. I relate to video games I think in a very unique way, for I care a lot about their story and their lore. But I don't obsess over it as much as I like to see how I would change it. I also like Crossovers. So I'm attempting to unite Mario, Link, Starfox, Metroid, Kirby, Sonic, Mega Man, Crash, and Spyro into the same omniverse via a four part Story arc called The Gaming Omniverse. I think It will be different than you expect. I also am attempting to unite Crash, Spyro, Klonoa, Rayman, Ratchet, Jak, and Sly Cooper in another four part story arc called Playstation Allstars. I've got my work cut out for me, as well as some other side stories to keep me occupied.

Writing is Fighting.
What it means to be a writer,
Is to have what it takes to be a fighter.
But your opposition isn't any critic,
It is instead your will to write prolific.

Me, 2016

Current Story Arcs and Stories

The Gaming Omniverse Saga
  1. Crash and Spyro, A Friendship Across Lifetimes (complete)
  2. Sonic and Megaman, Burden of Heroes (in progress)
  3. Nintendoverse, Heroes Unite (upcoming)
  4. The Smash Brothers (upcoming)
  5. The Pokemon War (upcoming)
  6. The Heroes of the Multiverse (upcoming)
  7. Omniverse, The Final Destination (upcoming)

The Playstation Multiverse Storyline
  1. A Dragon out of Time, A Crash and Spyro Story (complete)
  2. Klonoa and Rayman, Daydreamers and Nightmare Fighters (upcoming)
  3. Ratchet, Jack, and Sly; Heroes on the Move (upcoming)
  4. Playstation Legends, Heroes of the Multiverse (upcoming)

Standalone Stories

Time question. What would you rather do? FYI keep in mind paradoxes can be avoided and this experiment can be done safely. 

9 deviants said Go back in time and meet either your father and mother when they were your same age now?
3 deviants said Or go forward in time and meet your children when they will by your same age now? (This assumes that at some point you will actually have children or want to...)

Inspired by Inspiration

Imagination is the playground of the mind,
Where epics and heroes are first outlined.

LIke how an empty canvas is converted to a centerpiece,
Or how a blank paper's transcribed to a masterpiece.

Imagination's the gateway between cultures,
The bridge between nations and generations.
The ultimate expression of yourself to others,
A humbling, moving, means of inspiration.

So I'm proud to say that you inspire me,
Cause you own what you draw and I love it all.
The way you scribble friendship, love, and glee,
It's perplexingly beautiful and leaves me in awe.

Marcus Rak, 2017

Can anyone guess who this was originally for? Don't worry, I'll wait. I know it's so hard.
Well, like any other tradition I take seriously, my April Fools Joke for this year for this site went about as smoothly as expected (Don't even ask how I pranked my parents). I changed my name! MarcusRak I ain't. It is now 1ByteRak. Talk about commitment to jokes, Now I'll have this name for a minimum of six months.

But naw it's cool. The name change (besides for a themed joke) was actually to pay some homage to an influential deviantart channel per say. I'm sure you can guess I've praised "that" channel enough. 

For those of you who don't know, a byte (not a bite) is a a group of eight binary digits operating as a unit of memory size. A byte typically represents the smallest unit of memory within a computer nowadays, although in the "8-bit" era of gaming all those machines could only store and process numbers of a byte size. Which if using unsigned integers is 28. Also, for most computers (it could vary on operating system), characters themselves are stored in memory via the ANSI Character Code standard, where each character has byte number equivalent denoting it. 

Long story short for April 1st I whipped up a nice little program to make converting between text and binary quite simple, and this is what the GUI looks like:

Capture by 1ByteRak

Quite Snazzy, and it converts back and forth as well. Yes I code, yes it's my major in college. I know, what a haxor elite. Though don't be proud this literally took me 30 minutes to whip up. Also, here's the algorithms for both converting to binary and converting to text (I'll assume valid inputs cause defensive programming is time consuming, but is a good thing to do =[). BTW the "Reverse" Button switches the mode of this program from converting to Binary to Converting to Plain Text. Also, the first field is where you enter the input, and the bottom field is where the converted string of text appears.

* Converts a string of plain text to its ASCII representation and returns that string.
* param text String of normal text.
* return A whole lot of zeroes and ones.
public static String convertToBinary (String text)
    byte [] bytes = text.getBytes(); // I didn't do the hard work, the JAVA API did. Appropriate laziness

    String conversion = "";

    /* For each byte in the bytes array, it's stored as a binary number but won't be visually displayed as one. It would instead be displayed as a decimal
     * number unless you use the handy dandy "Integer.toBinaryString"method. Also, the now binary number "string" isn't zero padded, and all binary bytes
     * should have eight zeroes when displayed, which isn't the case by default. So I needed to use the handy dandy "String.format" method to zero pad
     * my binary numbers. Basically, the number 10110 becomes 00010110 as an example.
    for (byte aByte : bytes)
        conversion += String.format ("%8s", Integer.toBinaryString (aByte)).replace (' ', '0');

    return conversion;
    // String concatenation is what went on in the while loop. Basically every character's binary representation was mashed together.

* Converts a string of zeros and ones to its plain text representation. Plain English I suppose.
* param binary A whole lot of zeroes and ones.
* return English.
public static String convvertToText (String binary)
    List <Byte> bytesList = new LinkedList <Byte>(); // Java dynamically growing list. Cause I don't know the size. Also, Byte =/= byte.
    Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile ("([01]{8})"); // Regular expressions. Fun stuff!!! Not going to explain it, it's complicated.
    Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher (binary);

    * Basically from the string provided as a parameter, I'm extracting ever sequence of eight numbers and putting those in a list I'll manipulate/convert later.
    while (matcher.find())
        bytesList.add (Byte.parseByte ( (1), 2));

    byte [] bytes = new byte[bytesList.size()];
    //bytes = bytesList.toArray (bytes); I thought I could one line this, but toArray methods are tricky sometimes

    for (int i = 0; i < bytes.length; ++i) // some copying ignore this
    bytes[i] = bytesList.get (i);

    return new String (bytes); // Java has a constructor for a String that takes a byte[] and converts it to normal text.


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Oh shit. The Scotsman makes his return! And then...
Oh come on, 39,999 pageviews? Better Refresh.
I should let you guys know that in my mind I have the greatest Sonic the Hedgehog story just waiting to be told. Problem is I have to tell it. I'll think about it.

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